Photo credentials

Photo competitions
In my view it is great to have a placement in a photo competition. Since there are a lot of talent out there, it is something that makes me proud and yet humble.
However it is very subjective what any person sees in a photo. So what is really important to me, is that I like the photo and that you hopefully agree

Recently I had a look at some of the websites og monthly placements in the BSAC competition. They have great photo's. In that respect it makes me happy and proud, that I have had some photo's placed

2011 Runner-up in
Just returned from a great trip to Socorro, and is proud to have a runner-up photo in the supermacro category. There are so many great shots outthere, so it's quite an honour.

2010 Bronze medal and runner-up in
Just returned from a nice week on Tenerife to the results of the competition on This year I got a bronze medal in the photoshop manipulated category and had a runner-up in the shark catergory. I am very pleased to have placements for the second year in a row

Here is a link to the website

2009 Gold medal and runner-up in
I just won a goldmedal in the 2009 internet competion on the website
I won in the category, photoshop manipulated  and had a runner-up in the category wideangle close focus. I am honured and proud, since there are so many good photo's on this site.
Photo of the month

BSAC Photocompetition
2 third places in the monthly open competion in 2009.
Monthly winner in open competition May 2010.
Monthly winner and second place in open competition October 2010.
Second place in open competition November 2010.

Monthly photo portfolio in the July issue of the danish divemagazine DYK.
I am very proud that the editor finds my photo's of a quality that joins me with some very good underwater photographers who also have submitted a monthly portfolio.

Just had my photo of the moray chosen as picture of the week in Wetpixels running competition, December 2010. The theme was teeth. An honour